Eileen McPhillips Portner – CEO and Co-founder

Eileen has more than 30 years experience in leadership, management, consulting, therapy, coaching, mentoring and working extensively with entrepreneurs.  Her career has included the corporate world, healthcare and a global nonprofit. She has focused on tri-sector work, transformational change, behavioral consciousness and extraordinary results.

Eileen has led, organized and co-delivered Leadership Conferences in Israel and the West Bank. She has been the creator, nurturer and sustainer of partnership relationships with global actors and the developer of future opportunities. She has been the co-representative of a global non-profit at the Women’s Business Conference in Doha, Qatar.

As the former Chair of a global non profit she was on the Design Team that interviewed a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Nobel Peace Prize Forum principals and acted as the key Team consciousness observer of the dialogue at The Nobel Peace Prize Forum, “Actress Dividing Lines”, Oslo, December, 2017.  She is one of the lead co-authors of the Analysis of the Forum, as seen through a tri-sector lens, delivered February 2018 to the Nobel Peace Prize Institute. Eileen also participated at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Chatham House Rule Discussion, 2016 honoring the work of Kailash Satyarthi, a former Laureate.

Eileen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor and practices in Austin TX; an author; has taught graduate psychology courses including a graduate counseling dynamics course to members of the famed Screaming Eagles at Fort Campbell KY; a former principal in a consulting business; former CEO and Clinical Director of Psych Hospitals.

Eileen’s work and life journey encompassing business, civil society and government has enabled her to see the need for the tri-sector to work together to tackle the many issues in our world.   Working in the Middle East and seeing the divisions only clarifies how necessary it is for values based work, behavioral consciousness work and true business development and opportunities to be at the forefront of our crises and conflicts.  We will flourish when we get out of our silos and harness the true power of working together.

A Public Benefit Corporation, based on “doing good in the world” is the first step in this transformational journey.