Lawrence Ford – Advisor

Lawrence Ford serves an advisory role to 2 Wolves Consulting.  Dubbed the “Shaman of Wall Street” by the Washington Post and  as a “Man of Two Worlds” by The Economist Magazine, Mr. Ford’s strengths and expertise are well aligned with 2 Wolves Consulting mission and vision. NPR named him “The Finance Guru” and the Retirement Income journal dubbed him as “The Spiritual Advisor”. He has dedicated much of his life to being a bridge between the modern world of business and the ancient world of wisdom. Lawrence recently spoke at the United Nations and works to collaborate with the UN on promoting consciously informed investing, business practices and supporting meaningful change in the world.

Mr. Ford has had a long estimable career as an Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor, Consultant, Author, and Speaker, putting action into his passion to help people and organizations “wake up” and live a life of purpose. He is leading this revolution through education/writing/speaking, building access/platforms strategies and products, and through collaborating with some of the worlds best thought and action leaders – with the end goal to use the power of private enterprise and capital markets to help make the world a better place.