Manish Miglani – Advisor

Manish Miglani currently serves as the Senior Advisor to the Chairman of New Generation Power International. Prior to joining the company, Manish had founded multiple companies focused on entertainment, information technology, and energy consulting. He has also been a professional DJ and Producer for over 20 years. Manish brings a vast network of diversified industry contacts and has been a key person in advising the company in building relationships with appropriate alliances such as the Nobel Peace Forum Oslo, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and more. Manish has worn many hats during his tenure at the company. He joined at the time of the launch of the company’s international operations and has also been instrumental in bringing private and strategic investors along with the development of the company’s portfolio through his network throughout the globe. He has also brought his expertise to the company’s web and media development goals.
Manish has a B.S. in Biology from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and attended graduate school in computer science at DePaul CTI. He also attended Northwestern University since the age of 12 through its Center for Talent Development.