Stephen W. Portner – President and Co-Founder

Stephen’s years of experience of working with diverse stakeholders at the helm of the largest transformational consultancy in the world, has informed his point of view of what business can make possible for humanity and the world.   As a global citizen, Steve has worked around the world and served in two expatriate experiences abroad in London, UK.  His leadership, over the years, was dedicated to ensuring the organization could flourish and make a significant difference globally by making the world of work a more conscious, meaningful and safer place, while making a profit.

Stephen served the energy, mining and metals, manufacturing and construction industries.  His company helped top-tier industrial companies operate at a higher, more conscious level of performance that benefit their people and the communities they work in while protecting the environment and evolving their industries.  Under Stephen’s leadership the consultancy grew from being a small, largely domestic consultancy to become the largest transformational-based consultancy in the world, recognized as the premier safety consultancy in the world with a global reach and impact with a platinum client base.

After negotiating and equity investment from a London headquartered international private equity investor, optimizing the opportunity for his vision for the next stage of future growth, while retaining the values and consciousness of the company would be honored, Stephen retired as CEO for JMJ Associates.  He then committed to be the Pro Bono CEO for a global non-profit, whose mission is a world where peace and prosperity are sustainable.

In this role as CEO, Stephen recently led a Nobel Peace Prize Forum Design Team, to Oslo, 2017. The team interviewed a Nobel Laureate, Forum principals and was tasked to be the key observers of the dialogue at the Forum. Stephen co-authored the Analysis of the Forum, delivered February 2018 to the Head of the Nobel Peace Prize Institute.  Stephen was also selected as a Global Business Expert to present at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum honoring Kailash Satyarhi, a former Laureate in 2016 where Stephen also participated in the Chatham House Rule Discussion.

Stephen’s experiences with business, government and civil society has convinced Stephen that business has the capacity to tackle crises, global and real world issues, literally change the world, by taking a lead and inviting the other sectors to tri-sector leadership.

The natural progression of this personally transformational journey is leadership and affiliation of a business that is a Public Benefit Corporation, where “doing good in the world” is a contingency of the corporation’s existence and success as well as creating an entity where people are financially rewarded for their commitment and belief that business can change the world.